Touchless Visitor Management: Safeguarding Businesses in the Post-COVID Era

A Shift Towards Contactless Procedures

As we walk through the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become challenging for companies to maintain a record of visitors coming into their offices. For businesses with high footfalls like doctor’s offices, banks, etc. the situation is a complete nightmare. This is because they’re primarily dependent on manual ways of visitor management like maintaining a logbook at the reception desk.

We’re all aware that mobile phones and touchscreens were a part of the daily routine tools, way before the pandemic hit our lives. But, the concept of touchless has hit a new high. Smartphones and touchscreens have played a crucial role in personalizing our lives. But the onset of the pandemic has upgraded the standards. And we need to upgrade too!

Hence comes the entire idea of a touchless visitor management system or contactless visitor management system. It provides a sure-shot way to make your visitor management process technologically adept and secure.

So, What Exactly is this Contactless Visitor Management?

A visitor management software is a digital program/ software that allows registering and tracking visitors, and guests into a premise. It is completely based on digital experience and provides a reliable way of storing and organizing visitor data.

Touchless visitor management system runs with the help of QR codes. QR codes can be scanned by smart handheld devices (like your mobile phone) through their built-in camera software, or third-party apps like Google Lens.

As smartphones have come to play a more direct role in all our lives, it is unlikely you’ll find a visitor without a smartphone on them. A contactless visitor management system simply takes advantage of a smartphone’s ubiquity. This also makes it easy to setup and implement as you simply need to print and paste the QR code. Moreover, this helps businesses do away with the high cost of setting up tablets for checking-in visitors.

But Why QR codes?

The answer is simple; because QR codes provide a faster and instant way of check-in in a complete contactless manner. QR codes are simple to get started with.

QR codes can help you provide information or trigger specific actions on a device. This helps in safeguarding your staff and workplace. Along with this, it ensures quick access to comprehensive contact tracing should the need arise. QR codes are an adequate means of visitor documentation and management.

How QR Codes Are Used in Visitor Management

It is not complicated to see the tremendous potential of QR codes with regard to visitor management. QR codes completely automates the visitor management process.

Your business no longer needs to have a dedicated employee for visitor check-in. No more logbooks and filing cabinets! A quick flash of a smartphone’s QR scanner is all it takes to check in your visitors.

Besides this, you can use the information and data insights to serve better experiences to understanding when visitors tend to arrive on site. You’ll have the data to tell you what time to redirect your staff for better handling of predicted spikes in foot traffic.

Perks and Benefits of Using Touchless Visitor Management System for Your Business

The biggest benefit of using a contactless visitor management system/app is that it reduces the spread of the COVID virus at your premises. Some other benefits include:

  • Seamless sign-in process for your guests
  • One snap of QR code and every procedure is complete
  • Instant check-in brings down the lines and queues at your premise
  • Improves your brand identity and entices customers to make more visits

Leverage the Power of Touchless Visitor Management with Visity

Visity has successfully solved this dilemma of manual paper sign-in and customer data left in open with its touchless visitor management solution. Your visitors simply need to scan your unique QR code using their personal smartphones.

Our QR code-based system is simple to use and allows visitors to check-in via their smartphone. They can do so securely via our web application interface; they don’t even need to download an app before signing in.

Users will be redirected to a homepage interface after scanning your QR code. This homepage contains different labels and buttons that can be customized as per your requirement. Our visitor management system caters to every industry in need. So, would you like to take a demo?

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