Visitor experiences matter, they start the minute a visitor walks through the door. You need to welcome visitors in a way that helps them feel at ease and that they are safe. The COVID-19 virus has heightened everyone’s awareness to the environment they are in. Visity gives you a tool to connect with your visitors quickly and without direct physical contact. You can acknowledge their arrival and engage them safely when the appropriate time occurs.

Visity makes it easy for people to check-in upon arrival. By downloading the app they can become known regulars who, with a simple action, check-in seamlessly each time they arrive. Visity’s reporting features are simple and easy to use. See activities by the day, week or month. The Visity dashboard display’s in real time how many people have checked in and are waiting. It also displays how many people are onsite at any given time. Visity is a tool to help you manage your occupancy levels in these unprecedented times.

How it Works?

Signing up for a free account gets your business its own unique QR code that you can download and print as many copies of as you need. You can create an elaborate display or a simple one the choice is yours.

When visitors arrive, they scan the QR code with their own phone, provide some basic details and they are checked-in. Visitors do not need to have an app pre-downloaded or installed on their phones. Your web portal account is instantly updated and data is displayed in real time. We offer paid versions of Visity with additional features and benefits to streamline and enhance your operations. Visitors who enjoy using Visity can download it from the app store for even faster check-ins everywhere they go.

Covid-19 Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is new to all of us, it is a powerful tool in our arsenal to fight the spread of COVID-19. By gathering basic info from your guests and sending it to the responsible agencies you are doing your part a business owner to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Clipboards and paper sheets are not a long term solution to a process that is potentially with us for years to come. It is far too easy for people to provide false information or see others personal data. Scanning and emailing is labor intensive and inefficient, adding labor cost’s at a time when it is the last thing you need.

Benefits of Visity

  1. Free to small businesses
  2. Easy for everyone to use
  3. Simple to deploy
  4. Contactless
  5. Captures data faster and more accurately
  6. Streamlines reporting to agencies
  7. Tablet stations are available with advanced features